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Cable Channel 86 is available to all West Des Moines Mediacom subscribers. Channel 86 features information on city programs and informational video programming. To view videos of the City Council meetings on this website, click here.

Channel 86 recently moved from Channel 7 due to Mediacom's digital cable transition. For the time being, it can be viewed from both Channel 7 and Channel 86. Eventually, Channel 7 will be phased out. Please view the change summary in our news item. 

Channel 86 Daily Schedule

At times other than listed below, bulletin board information on city programs is available.

8:00 am

Blank Park Zoo programming
9:00 am Polk County Conservation programming
10:00 am Polk County Conservation programming
12 noon City Council Meeting Rebroadcast 
3:30 pm Blank Park Zoo programming
*5:30 pm *Every other Monday night at 5:30 pm: Live Broadcast of City Council Meeting
6:00 pm Polk County Conservation programming
7:00 pm City Council Meeting Rebroadcast