RFP & Bid Postings

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RFP NumberTitleStartingClosingStatus
0510-001-20182018 PCC Reconstruction ProjectNEW!03/20/201804/11/2018 2:00 PMOpen
0510-007-2017Veterans Parkway Project - SE Maffitt Lake Rd. to SE Adams St.NEW!03/20/201804/11/2018 2:00 PMOpen
0510-063-20172017 ADA Sidewalk ImprovementsNEW!03/20/201804/11/2018 2:00 PMOpen
0510-069-2017Holiday Park Parking Lot RepairsNEW!03/20/201804/11/2018 2:00 PMOpen
0510-023-2016Raccoon River Drive RCB Culvert near S. Jordan Creek Pkwy.03/07/201803/28/2018 2:00 PMOpen
0510-055-2017Valley Junction Activity Center Fire Escape Stairs03/07/201803/28/2018 2:00 PMOpen
NA 77Custodial Services for Human Services Building03/02/201803/14/2018 2:00 PMClosed
NA 78Upgrade & Additional Licenses for VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)03/02/201803/28/2018 2:00 PMOpen
NA 76Nuisance Abatement Contract02/27/201803/14/2018 2:00 PMClosed
0510-060-2017Miscellaneous Repairs at Parks Restrooms/Shelters02/21/201803/14/2018 2:00 PMClosed
0510-067-20172018 Concrete Trail Renovation Project02/21/201803/14/2018 2:00 PMClosed
0510-089-2O17Woodland Hills Park Loop Trail02/21/201803/14/2018 2:00 PMClosed
NA 75Internet Service02/21/201803/21/2018 2:00 PMOpen
NA 73Request for Bids - Moving House Located at 8700 County Line Road, Cumming, IA02/16/201803/28/2018 2:00 PMOpen
NA 74Request for Bids - Moving House Located at 3476 Adams Street, Cumming, IA02/16/201803/28/2018 2:00 PMOpen
0510-040-2O16Holiday Park & Valley View Aquatic Centers VFD Project02/06/201802/28/2018 2:00 PMClosed
0510-064-20172017 Intake Repair Project02/06/201802/28/2018 2:00 PMClosed
0510-089-2017Woodland Hills Park Tennis & Basketball Courts Project02/06/201802/28/2018 2:00 PMClosed
0510-009-2O13Walnut Creek Outfall - Project 101/23/201802/21/2018 2:00 PMClosed
0510-050-2017Law Enforcement Center Lower Level Remodel, Phase 301/23/201802/21/2018 2:00 PMClosed